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Properly of MEDIA CENTER 
T.C. Howe Academy 




4900 E. Julian Avenue 
Indpls, IN 46201 

,_l H ji tS) year was 

definitely a journey! Finally seniors have reached the 
end, it is a new beginning for some! Many have smiled 
and frowned, even laughed and cried through their years 
here. Senior Ned Russell-Sullivan said," I will miss 
meeting new people and my art classes the most". 



A jewel is 
something tftat is rare or 
unique. It is something tF)at is to 
be treasured op esteemed! AltfpugF) 
many people dont know, Howe 
Academy is t^e Jewel of tf>e East 
Side! — 

WF)y7?? Because we are Unique. We are Proud. 
Loud. Bursting tfte JSeams and Determined. We are 
Competitve. Historical, and Diverse! WFjen we filled 
tfje F)alls on August 1 StF), we met witF) many new faces, 
unaware of 5ow t^ey would affect our lives. 

BotF) new teachers and new students made tF)is 
year truly special! Freshmen, Niek Warren said/1 like 
it ftere, without tfte nice teachers, people and sports, 
we'd fee nothing" ^— -^ 

For tfte first year ever, weVe Fjad 
grades 6-12, all in one building! 
Senior, Antonia Brewer said, "Having 
middle schoolers makes us unique, but 
I wisf) they'd move quicker wFjen Pm 
trying to get to class!" WeVe also 
supported botF) middle school and F)igF) 
school teams. Loyal fans espirit even 
painted tFjeir bodies to sF)ow tljeir at 
tfte Home- Coming game! T^e middle 
schoolers football team F>ad a 5-2 
record, and tFje volleyball team F>ad a 
perfect one! 






Middle School Dance 

We had a great time at the dance! A lot of 
people showed up, and most of us really put it 

down! Many students even synchronized as they 

did the Cha-Cha Slide! "Don't hate- 

Highschoolers -We're making you look bad!" 

Student Life 

by Keondra Dukes 

Even though it is a policy at Howe not 
to discriminate on the basis of race, color, 
religion, national origin, age, sex, or 
disability, many students complied with this 
rule anyway! 

"Color doesn't matter to me, I choose 
my friends based on their personalities!" 
said Hillary Stephenson. 

We are made up of many different 
types of people. In fact, we are 48°o 
white, 45% black, 4% Latino, and 3°o are 
categorized as other. 

After interviewing a variety of races. 
it was obvious that we are all a lot alike! 
We all have a lot of the same hobbies 
and interests, but sometimes we do 
things in different ways! 

It is easy to judge someone based 
on what you see, but what does that 
prove? Getting to know womeone and 
their culture or habits makes things 

Student Life 


l T'C 

We Bot spirit! 


You know we get it crunk! At 
games, did we give it all we had? 
YES! We were cheering, laughing 
and just having fun! Teachers also 
supported our school greatly, and 
every Friday we saw them sporting 
brown and gold! — ; 

This was one of our 
hypest years ever! In fact, 
we won the best school 
spirit award and brought 
home a trophy and $1 000 
just for doing what we love- 
Showing our Spirit 
Supporting our teams! 


ii ■ 




V F 


Student Life 

by Kevina Lyons 


Leadership. These are 
just a lew components 
ol being a senior and 
hairing seniority, 
Websters Dictionary, 
sonority is defined as 
"priority over others 
based on the length o! 
time ol service/' 
Seniority is in lull 
effect The class of 2D06 
are the "top dogs" 
because they're the 
first graduating class 
since 1995. 

"Seniority means 
being established in a 
place the longest Being 
that many of us 
seniors have been here 
since the reopening of 
Rowe and we are much 
older than the other 
students, I feel like the 
seniors have 

- Shawnifca Sordan 

1 *C Hoari. ■ 

"Being a senior is a 
special honor," stated 
Senior flndrew fflclteish, 
"because you are a 
positive role model for 
your fellow 

Re went on to say 
that, "Tour education is 
the key to your future 
success, and as seniors 
we need to lead by 
example and take our 
education to the 
next level" 

Senior, Hlejandra 
Alvarez, said, "Raving 
seniority is when you're 
in the top of your class. 
You get the best grades 
and you're aa role model 
that people look up to. 
Seniority is hard for 
some because it is 

I DSP "'HI "~-"*^2b 

■Mi «■■ 

i D| p 


' 1 '"""M 


Graham Burkholder 

Shanita Bush 

Thomas Caluza 

Devin Carrillo 

Chad Carson 

Sheena Carter 

Christopher Castaneda Kevin Cherry 

Timothy Clark 

Monica Coffer 

Cores Crockett 

Earnest Da> is 

Hope Gough 




V '■-■ 

■p^ B 




John Hale 

(Catherine Henderson 

Catrina Holbert 

Daniel Jeffries 

Di'ara Jones 

10 Seniors 

Keianna Hampton 

Zach Harris 

Jami Hayes 

Tony Holland 

Justin Holman 

Kristian Horton 

DaShawn Jones 

Shawnika Jordan 

Monica Lang 

Shenetta Hazzard 

Laneesa Jackson 

Renee Larson 

Oscar Logar 

John Lons 

k.e\ ma Lyons 

Shauna Mason 

Katie Miller 

Maggie Miller 

Heather Morgan Stephanie Nolan 

\Ya\ne Oliphant 

Jodie Palmer 

Latoya Slaughter 

Courtney Smith 

Elizabeth Smith 

Marcella Strange 

Jessica Tackett 

Courtney Taylor 

Joshua Thompson 

Ashley Tramil 

Kyle Trulock 

James Varner 

Emily Warren 

Kevin Weaver 

« 3 « 

Courtney Webster 

Mary Wethington 

Brandon Williams 


Kimberly Tackett 

Elizabeth Wagner 

Monica Williams 

Jonas Burks 
Shauna Burris 
Nathan Conley 
Maricela Diaz 
Gerri Goins 
Jeffrey Gootee 
Christopher Hambrick 

Rachel Hardy 
Montez Harrison 
Jeffrey Jennings 
Lucian McMillan 
Chelsea Orr 
Robert Petty 
Xavier Phipps 

not pictured 

^ — Tamika Proctor 

Matthew Sitzman 
Kristen Speicher 
Michael Turner 
Erica Wagner 
Doneisha Watts 
Krystina Williams 
Ashlee Woods 

Matthew Wyeth 


"I want to be 
remembered as a 
cool, funny, 
positive, mature 
person who loved 
- MoNica Coffer 

"As the best 
cheerleader Howe 
ever had!" 
-Keianna Hampton 

"I will remain the 
same no matter how 
people look at me!" 
Samanthea Allen 



I am very proud of 
you finishing high 
school! Good Luck 
with College! 

Love Granny, Cliff, 
Brothers & Sisters! 


Good Luck 

Phoo, you've 
worked so hard, 
fy now it's time to 
celebrate your 
Love, Daddy 

Thanks for being there for 

me this year! Luv TV/Tar^t 


Love Mommy, 
Keisha, and Dacus 



1 . 1 lost my number, can I have yours? 

2. Are you from Tennessee, cause you are the only ten I 

3. 1 lost my library card, but can I still check you out? 

4. Christmas must have come early this year, cause you 
are number one on my list. 

5. Did it hurt? (What?) When you fell from heaven! 

6. Does your tag say made in heaven, cause you must be 
an angel! 

7. Your eyes are telling me everything But your name! 

8. I noticed you noticing me, so I wanted to put you on 
notice that I noticed you too! 

9. Hi, my name is chance, can I have one? 

10. Do you drink milk, cause its sure done your body good 

Umd Tariff $ ! 

by Keianna Hampton 

Ahead turner is a 
person with a very 
unique appearance or 
personality . Its a 
surprise we didn't 
have more cases of 
whiplash, because we 
had a lot of head 
turners here at our 

How does it feel to 
be a head turner? 
"Oh it just feels great, 
cause I like attention!" 
-Chad Carson 




What are we here for anyway? 

Learn? Play? Think? Many students forget that the reason we come to school in 
the first place is to get a great education and to better ourselves academical^! While 
we are here, we might as well take advantage of all of the opportunities plac< d at our 
fingertips! This is the time when we get to learn, socialize and explore, all vs|hile being 
"spoon fed" by our dedicated teachers! 

AL1 tHrOUGhouT the SCHOOL We fOund STudeNtS wORKINg HaRD on this 
paPER Or tHAT pROJeCT, sTUDylng FoR ThIS qUiz or ThaT tESt! WE saw THE 
RESU1TS of Their hARD Work THROugh RepORT CaRD GrADES, PROjeCTs beING 
diSPlayED, AnD eveN CLasSRoom PRESenTATIoNS! 

ThE Best PaRt AbOut sCHoOl is thAt STUdENtS GeT tO lEArN tOGEtHEr, AnD 
DiscUSS whAT THEy'vE leARNEd wiTH tHelr PEeRS! iN FAct, MAnY tEacheRS eveN 
SHapE THEIR Lessons to iNCLuDE GRoup WORk, sO THe sTUDenTs Can INTerACt 
moREaND LEArN from eACH Other! ^^^= 



Staff ffkHpnft^ 





When you think of the yearbook, all you think 
about is signing yearbooks and looking at pictures. 
You never think of the actual work that is involved 
The yearbook is composed of pictures, stories, side- 
stories, advertisements, and hard work Without the 
help of the yearbook staff, you could never get a 
Hornet's perspective of our school! So many thanks 
go out to the entire yearbook staff, and a special 
thanks to Mrs. Ajayi for spending her free time 
helping us create the best yearbook yet! ■ 



It's Not Just Pictures, Genius! 

Putting together a yearbook isn't all fun and games, it's hard 
work!!! The yearbook staff works under the heavy pressure of 
strict deadlines. They attend games after school to take pictures, 
they randomly interview people, and they write and edit stories, 
and spend time creating wonderful layouts! 
:=ssszzizrszzi=z^==zsszsss^~~ , ~ ,, ~ ,,, ~ -China King 





% s«J>.JUs* 



in academic 
competitions in 
which our wits 
went up against 
the wits of other 
schools! The 
material these 
studied was 
relative to their 

Honor Society 

Andrew McLeish 
2006 Valedictorian 

"Mr Ramey left 

a huge pair of 

shoes to fill! 

This year was 

very difficult. 

We are trying 

to maintain 

the events so 

Howe can 

once again 

grow into a 



-Mrs. Robbins 



The National Honor 
Society is an academic 
community outreach group. 
Membership in this time 
honored national organization 
requires superior academic 
achievement, productive 
leadership, active community 
service, and an outstandingly 
high code of honor. 


Heather Morgan 
2006 Salutatorian 

Student Council 

Senior Class Officers; 

Kevin Cherry, Shauna Mason, 

Jennifer Russell, Corey Crockett 

The Student Council worked hard to organize 
events such as dances, after school activities, 
pep sessions, and an incredible Spirit Week! 
These students also participate in many other 
ways "behind the scenes"! 

Junior Class Officers 
Monica Mason, Rebecca Woodcock, Ebony Collins 

Jordan, her 
mother, and 
Dr. White. 
received the 
"living the 
award for 
the Martin 
Luter King 

The Junior 

Spell Bowl 


worked hard 

to represent 

our school by 


their skills 



in spelling 

competitions n 





;^t j»g>> ": 

•toveigrurc Clvb 

Rock climbing, canoeing, back packing and skiing all are things 
the Adventure Club did this year. "It was fun but sometimes 
complicated and challenging" said freshmen Shanice Williams. Many 
joined because of their friends but ended up having a new 
experiences to talk about. Sophomore Emily Stacey's most 
memorable adventure was learning how to ski! "I really liked it and it 
is now my new favorite hobby!". 

"Adventure Club gives many students the opportunity to do 
things they haven't done before" said Mr. Cook. They are always 
looking for new members so if you get interested talk to Mr. Cook 
"Everybody is welcome"!!! Said Emily Stacey. 


fyuftish. Clvh 

*& WSbt. wMBl 

■ \ 

■ . ■■ t 

China King 

Seth Julian 

onocw a mem mmkci 

g W"»^ 

^^S> f*P^^*? 




i?crftiai!S CZuli 

We had two cultural education clubs Spanish Club and German 
Club. In which students learned about the culture of Mexico, South 
America and Germany. 

The Spanish Club had the opportunity to exchange ten selected 
student to go to Mexico and live with a family for two weeks in 
which they learned more of the culture first hand. As a school, we 
also learned a lot when the students from Mexico came to Howe for 
two weeks. After school, the Spanish club made pihatas, Mexican 
flowers (for the day of the dead), and had an Easter Egg Hunt in 
which the egg shells were filled with confetti (which is a tradition in 
Mexico). They learned how to dance to many type of Latin music. 
Both, clubs along with their classes went to the international festival. 
The German Club dived into the culture by having their own 
Oktoberfest (Bavarian Traditional Festival). About 30 students showed 
up to feast on Bratwursts and Sauerkraut! German students also 
worked extremely hard during the summer to raise money! They 
ended up working two car washes and raised quite a bit toward their 
Spring trip to Germany! Lilly Salas 


i Ke\4n Vinson 



; rf"' 


:*& ^BN 




1 I'M 

What are they doing?. 

Empathy is defined as identification with and understanding of another's 
situation, feelings, and motives. When you put belly behind the word empathy, 
it takes on a whole new meaning. In Child Development Class, students had 
the chance to get a feel for how it physically felt to be pregnant. 

Students wore glasses that contorted their vision and displayed them 
being intoxicated. They discussed the dangers of alcoholism or the abuse of 
any substances while pregnant. That was a very valuable and educational 
course. After this brief presentation, they discovered that none of the 
students were ready to bear children. Kevina Lyons 

I That's right I What's better than getting a grade for something that's fun to do 
anyway? Students showed great interest in art as they were able to re-create objects 
either by drawing in 2-D art or building in 3-D art, ceramics or industrial technology! 

I like art because it is fun, the projects are 
cool, and I like to experiment with different 
colors." -Shelley Welch 

"Art shows how people are feeling and 
sometimes it is just for fun but I like how 
many different forms there are!" -Cierra Price 

"My whole life, people have always asked me the 
same thing, 'How do you draw like that?' I do the 
same thing everyone else does... I just copy what 
see onto the paper. I guess it just comes more 
naturally to some people." 

-Skyler King 

Marching: band placed 

at tbe fantball games and 

buped tbe crnwd. Fans 

umttld dan.ce to the music. 

©ur marching; band 

participated in the Band nf 

America and placed 3 rd ! ^ 

Theu did an amazing jab 

and buped nur schnnl tn 

win the spirit award! 

^fmt saw tb^ pi tbe stands, ^fmt 
beard tbem irGm blacks awajj, ^nu 
saw tbem mjggping through tbe 
hallway hoping us up tor 

$mt to 

and l£au beard them 
a schnnl as tbeij 
Itr tbe bast performances! 
wbn it is, But da }Jnu? 
u bnnw tbat Band is tba 
Ids this scbnnl together? 
partormad at tba games, 
ttr audience and placers 
rbjjtbm and beat in the 
baeigi%9j|d let tbe ntber teams bnnw 
tbe $c$j*a£s meant business! Friday 
nights would not have been tbe same 

glue tb 
tbej k 

There are four different types af hand: Snncert. 
Hymphnnic, Wind and Ensemble and £ftarchinn Band. 

©nncert Band is like Beginning Band, it is the 
first level nf hand. Students play flutes, clarinets, 
trumpets and a few nther instruments in enncert 

Symphnnic Band is the 2 nd level nf hand. It is 
made up nf the same instruments as enncert. 
Symphnnic hand has $ltn sax, Baritones and Tennr 

Wind and Ensemble Band is advanced hand. They 
play the same instruments as Symphnnic and If-nneert 
They play mnre cnmplicated snngs and play fasten 



A lot of students would say it is crazy to stay after school. But 
what if school became a big YMCA once the 2:30 busses pulled 
away? That would be hot! 

In essence, that is what happened! Employees from the YMCA 
came to our school and used their programs and supplies to give 
hornets a great after school program! 

This was a time when students had the opportunity to 
socialize, play games, join a dance team, go on field trips, watch 
new movies and even receive free tutoring! 

Clayton Cowans 

"YMCA is cool because I get to 

hang out with friends after school, 

and we go on field trips!" 


The lunior Reserve 
Officer Training Corps 
also known IROTC was 
back for its second year. 
The program was 
honored to be lead by 
Colonel Folly First 
Sergeant Boone who 
with the help of the 
cadet staff made the 
program work 
affectingly. Cadets 
became stronger 
physically and mentally 
as they learned to 
become better citizens. 


^^^^^^^^^H ^B 

F5 5' a??£. BS 

£ w " 3 

SS G Bi 


3 5 

Cadets were given the opportunity to participate in 
many after school activities like unarmed, armed 
drill teams, color guard and riffle team. In all these 
teams, they practiced very hard to compete against 
other IPS IORTC teams. 

Raiders, a 
program in which 
cadets are 
physically, was 
also offered. 
Raiders did many 
fun activities this 
year, such as 
skiing, cave trips 
and fun nights. 
They participated 
in cadet challenge 
and many other 
exciting trips 
which challenged 
them to learn 
new things, build- 
up their 

confidence, and 
become more 

By: Lilly Salas 



__ *»» 



^A B 

5 i 

» 3 

* 5. 

£ 3 


-• 3 

2 M 

■S' & 

3 3* 

a 9 

n g 

s a 

fi> — 

Si 3 



(/> O S 3" t> 

2. 1 S 1 g 

9 3 ~ 5 a 

^ I £ $ 3 

5 I sr | $ 

" © ft • 









"The Wonderful 
Wizard of Oz" 



Some students were nervous and shaky while others 
were trying to get dressed and put make-up on. Others 
got their hair done and did other little touch ups that 
needed to be done. After the play everybody felt relieved. 


There are things in drama that are hard, and 
things that are easy. Drama students do plays, 
and sometimes learn new skills by watching 
actors perform in popular movies. The goal is to 
engage the audiences by performing well 
enough to make people in the crowd feel like 
they are actually a character in the story. 

The Wizard of OZ was the first play of the year 
and it turned out to be exciting! When asked, 
"Why is drama a fun class?", Chloe Dietz 
responded, "Because we work very hard on our 
plays and everyone gets to watch us perform 

So, what made this play such a success? 
J enna Crockett replied, "Practice, Practice, and 
more Practice". The only thing that needed to be 
improved was voice projection. In the end it all 
turned out great! The students had a great time 
with this play and already plarining for the next 
one. Stay tuned?!!! 

"I'm Ready for 
Close Up r 



Tyler Amsler 

Jesse Anders 

Josh Anthony 

Shontell Anthony 

Julie Apostolakis 

Anthony Bellamy 

Aaron Berry 

Lena Bishop 

Felicia Borem 

John Bruce 

James Carrico 

Natasha Clouse 

Kristie Coleman 

Rodney Collier 

Caleb Collins 

Jessie Cook 

Danielle Corpuz 

Kirsten Cowan 

Kevin Diana 

Trisha Dunlap 

Cameron Easley 

Julian Edwards 

Meridith Edwards 

Andre Enoch 

Adam Frayser 

Ashley Glass 

Lauren Gorton 

Kimberly Hale 

Ashley Hammond 

Steven Handy 

Although she did not arrive unannounced, her 
aftermath was staggeringly unexpected. On August 
31 , Katrina, one of the worst hurricanes in U.S 
■■$ history, ripped through several southern cities. She 
left thousands homeless, injured, and feeling hopeless. 
Thousands more lost their lives or went missing in 
Katrina's wake. A city underwater, in the dark, 
j certainly hit rock bottom and shocked the nation. 
It was difficult to see because it meant realizing 
^ that something like this can 
happen even in a place such as 
America. But, while The Southern 
States were lowering their heads 
in despair, many of the lucky 
ones were organizing relief 


This Junior Class Interview Brought to You By *^£ 
^^^^~~~~~~^^~^^~ -Danielle Morgan 

Juniors Are The Bomb Diggidy! 

We are the Upper Classmen. We help run the school, 
and we don't have to stress about college apps or that never- 
ending question, "What am I going to do with the rest of my 
life?" We still have an entire year to look forward to. 
Besides, this gives us time to learn from the boo-boos of our 

How is Your Junior Class Different From Others? 

"Our Junior class is different because, quite frankly, 
we're the best! We have a sense of togetherness. We stand 
out. The best athletes reside in Junior class. Come on now!'' 
-Monica Mason 

Are You Ready for Senior Year? 

"Yes and NO! I am ready to move on to a new year. 
Especially my senior year. It will be the most exciting year in 
high school! I know all of us juniors are ready to graduate!'' 
Phillip Russell 

What Do You Think Most Juniors' Favorite 
Memory Is? 

"I think most Juniors favorite memory would be the 
sports games. Especially Homecoming!" -Melissa Mayorga 

Justin Holman helped 
the JROTC collect money to 
assist those in need! 

efforts to help our southern neighbors. 

The National Guard (far left) and several other 
outside organizations, businesses, and even celebrities 
joined in to help in whatever way they could. 

Howe's students, in the JROTC, also helped by 
raising money during sports events. Katrina's strong 
winds tore some strings and knocked us down, but we 
knew that coming together and using the 
tools we had to help others would 
make us stronger as a whole. 
Because, when we can get back on 
our feet, we'll stand united, 
from the ground up! 
Howe's Relief efforts were organized 
by Sophomore Lilly Salas. 

\SBi~ '- - ~ 


Shada Hardeman 

Erica Hargraves Sal lee 

Mark Harrison 

Terry Hill 

Austin Howard 

James Howard 

Not pictured 

Alexander, Candace 
Andrews, Curtis 
Campos, Kayla 
Coleman, Deontae 

Icollins, Eboni 

Croddy, Aaron 

Davis, Michael 
'Hunter, Donnisha 

Jacobs, Kristan 

Masenthin, Jon Michael 

Montgomery, Gre'Na 

Morris, Michael 
Murphy, Tara 
Parish, Tonya 
Payne, Brittney 
Rhodes, Courtney 
Sandlin, Drake 
Shepherd, Michael 
Sherron, Erika 
Thacker, Glenn 
Turner, Sarah 
Twyman, Demarcus 
Wright, Tamika 

Ashley Ison 

Stephanie Jenkins 

Quinton Jones 

Andrew Joslin 

Skyler King 
Joshua Kyner 
David Lawson 

Juniors are Thinkin 


1. PROM... 


2. DRIVING... 


4. ap classes... 

5. JOB! 



Todd Wagner 
Taisha Waller 
Erin Warren 
Rebeeea Woodcock 
Danielle Woods 

Evan Lowe 
Kevin Lyons 
Dominique March 
Monica Mason 
Joseph Matthews 
lanne'-Mana Mav it\ 

Melissa Mayorga 
Steven Mickle 
Danielle Morgan 
Edward Neat 
Amber Osborne 
Stephen Palmore 

Tnsha Parish 
Kyle Patterson 
Kory Pearman 
Michael Pennington 
Re'Shavvn Powell 
Jessica Ragsdale 

Christopher Ratliff 
Justin Robertson 
Chantie Robinson 
Phillip Russell 
Melissa Sandefur 
Roosevelt Shaffer 

Ronald Skates 
Ashley Smith 
Michael Stevens 
Allison Stone 
Michael Story 
l'iniothv Straine 

Bon Struck 
William Iurpin 
Christ} Ursj 
Kc\ in Vinson 
Paige Wages 
Erica Wagner 



Diablo cream 
color. gold-tinted 


Dana Gray 


' Cox 













Green with thin orange 
stripes down the ide and 
lime green interior 

, Hessie 

Chelsea Alberts 

Jonathon Allen 

Elie Anthony 

Ismael Barrera 

Rodney Beal 

Aaron Bond 

Robert Bratcher 

Luroy Brewer 

Tenecia Broaden 

Carlton Brown 

■Dominique Brown 

Jennifer Brown 

Dorothy Bruee 

India Bryant 

Ashley Burkholder 

Amanda Cagg 

Cherish Carpenter 

William Chandler 

Latosha Chaney 

Wyan Clark 

I Ayanna Coleman 

Thomas Costomins 

. Meagan Cothron 

Melanie Cox 

Vincent Cox 

Ryan Cunningham 
Ladell Davis 

■ London Davis 
Daniel Debruhl 
Matthew Demmary 

Bryan Dillow 

Harold Donald 

Tiffany Doran 

Bryan Doss 

Samantha Duffer 

Keondra Dukes 

Kristy Duncan 

Eliott Emery 

Adam Fiers 

Brianna Finney 



Steven Fisher 
Andrea Ford 
Nigel Foreman 
Breanna Garner 
Markus Glover 

Calleton Gonsalez 

Jeremiah (iraves 
Bryant Green 
Corey Green 
Christopher Griffin 

Top Ten 

Favorite Shoes 
Of 2005 

!. Of Course, Gotta 
-„-r„ . Get those Js!!! 

.lamaar Hamilton 
Cameron Hansen 
Roseann Hardman 
Rosa Hargrave 
Beth Hawkins 

Jaime Hill 
Dominique Huggins 
Brian Inabnitt 
Shanice Jackson 
Ana Jacobs 

Cornelius Jefferson 
Janelle Johnson 
Airlia Jones 
De'Argo Jones 
Gary Jones 

Gina Jones 
Lakeisha Jordan 
Patrick Judge 
Whitney Kendrick 
Ashlie Koehler 

Troy Landrum 
Ratie Leachman 
Tasia Lee 
Sara Lego 
Steven Leso 

Nicole 1 ewis 
James I loyd 
Jonathan 1 oux 
Denise 1 > les 
Brianna Maerz 

2. The C assies, 

Air ForceOnes 

3. All Terrain. 

4. New Boys.... 
Nike Huarache 



5. 01 Skool. 


New Balance 







The sophomore class flew into their second year 
of high school with the joy of no longer being the 
unexperienced freshman. However, they had to buckle 
down with harder classes, immediately take the G.Q.E. 
and start focusing on their future. 

Although some students are still taking high 
school as a joke, others like Lilly Salas, are taking every 
opportunity to make this year a great success! "Math 
is my hardest class," says Salas, "but to improve, I am 
starting tutoring." 

G.Q.E. testing was also a big thing this 
I year for sophomores, who tested for 3 days 
straight! The results of the G.Q.E. tests are a 
great reflection of just how prepared 
sophomores are. To move forward, Keondra 
Dukes hopes that her fellow sophomores 
"realize that one day they will run the world by 
themselves and will not be kids forever." It only 
takes one person to make a difference, so lets 
start with somebody from the class of "08"!!! 

Lamont Mayfield 

Kristin McAtee 

Michael McBride 

Paris McGill 
Eric McLeish 
Kayla Medlin 

Jessica Mejia 

Jason Mickle 

Roberta Minor-Hardy 

Tarial Moncrief 
Michael Munden 

Sophomores not pictured 

Apollos, Amanda 
Baker, Joseph 
Batana, Tania 
Bayer, Maranda 
Bays, Eric 
Bell, Chasidi 
Bell, Porsha 
Carrillo, Vanessa 
Cash, Staci 
Coffer, Dionna 
Coleman, Kristie 
Conwell , Sh-tamara 
Costomiris, Thomas 
Cothron, Meagan 

Davis, Ladell 
Davis, London 
Debruhl, Daniel 
Demmary, Matthew 
Donald, Harold 
Doran, Tiffany 
Doss, Bryan 
Green, Bryant 
Hacker, Kimberly 
Harris, Ciera 
Hughes, Jasmyn 
Inabnitt, Brian 
Johnson, Janelle 
Joiner, Marcus 

Jointer, Kimberly 
Jones, Gary 
Jones, Tramel 
Lee, Casey 
Litteral, Rachael 
Maddox, Virgina 
Mann, Jennifer 
Mckain, Daniel 
Messer, Dylan 
Minor, Malvin 
Monroe, Christopher 
Palmer, Brian 
Parry, Thomas 
Pepper, Brittney 
Powers-lvey, Tyrone 

Price, Daniel 
Pulluaim, OthoTroy 
Rayford, Sharee 
Russell-Sullivan, John 
Scraborough, Victoria 
Scott, Matthew 
Sheridan, Anthony 
Spangler, Amy 
Stidd, Edward 
Sullivan, Desirae 
Tarvin, Ronald 
Taylor, Dominique 
Thurman, Cordney 
Trulock, Korrie 
Wilson, Desaray 

Noah '.cat 
Brooke New bolt 
Christal Norm 
Steven Oakes 

Kathleen Ohphant 
Kendru Owe 
Christopher Parr;. 
/achar\ Patterson 

Justin Pilland 
Samuel Powell 
Daniel Price 
Sierra Price 
Luc) Proffitt 
Jonathan Pulliam 
Amber Radcliff 
Samantha Rhoton 

Sarah Richmond 
Jennifer Rivas 
Christian Robinson 
Zachary Rogers 
ke\in Rowletl 
Lillj Salas 
Andrew Schmidt 
Robert Shelton 

Brittney Shepherd 
Ashley Smith 
Ashley Smith 
Destaschia Smith 
James Smith 
Adnna Speed 
Benjamin Speicher 
Emih Stace\ 

Thomas Steele 
Rashad Ste\ens 
Larry Stone 
Amber Thomas 
Savanna Thompson 
i heve'Nn Tinnin 
Timothj Tompkins 
Shaina Tone\ 

Nicosha Trac> 
Lemonta Tra>lor 
Michael Turentine 
Dennis Turner 
Sarah Turner 
Billj Uberto 
Catherine Yasquez 
Fredrick Vaulx 

Adilene Yelez 
Stephen Walker 
Talya Walker 
Carol-Ann Watson 
Marcus Watts 
Shellex Welch 
Vivian Wells 
Marki W heeler 

Bradle> White 
Dalan w ickizer 
Dyron Williams 
Darius Willis 
Cod\ w ilson 
Earl Wilson 
Jo> Woodard 
Brieana w orktvun 


Freshmen, freshies, 
underclassmen, whatever you 
want to call 'em! It describes the 
same group of people 
who have been waiting 
so long to get to high 
school - so they could 
call themselves the "Big 
Dogs" over the "middle- 

"Freshmen were 
ready to get to high 
school for the dances, 
homecoming, and 
Prom," as said by 
Freshie, Shauna Neal. 
Now that we have a 
chance to see that high school is 
the biggest stepping stone to our 
future, we understand how 
important it is to study and do our 
best while we're here. 


By Alaysha Williams 

We are all in this 
together and we are here in 
order to better prepare 
ourselves for our future. Or 
we could just say what 
Freshman Jenna Crocket 
said, "I am looking forward to 
going to college - Plus, the 
Freshman boys are cuter!" 
Either way, this is where we 
start. There will always be "the 
Freshman Class," climbing the 
ladder to success. And, in 
conclusion to our FRESH 
start, we are doing our best to 
make a difference on how 
others are treated. We want 
to show the Sophomores, 
Juniors, and Seniors just how 
the FRESHMEN do it! 

Angel Adams 

Johnnie Adams 

Lenzie Anderson 

Patrice Anthony 

Jason Apostolakis 

Michelle Armour 

Roi Bailey 

Angela Bates 

Eric Bays 

Payla Bell 

Mia Berry 

Ashley Bishop 



Chris Brantley 
Ken Brewer 

Jason Brown 
Sherea Buford 
Jack Burton 
Joseph Campbel 

Bryan Carlton 
Keisha Clanton 
Shawntae Cole 
Neal Covington 
Crystal Cox 
Mindy Cox 

Jenna Crockett 
Jameel Cross 
Tammy Crouch 
Anthony Deskins 
Chloe Dietz 
Jasmine Dovvnins 

Jessica Dunz 
Kristina Dyer 
Randall Earl 
Ortney Edwards 
Starr Eldndge 
Michael Embry 

Amy Engle 
Angela Engle 
Amanda Fields 
Christopher Fishburn 
Adam Floerke 
Sherry Folsom 

Chelsea Ford 
Kay la Forte 
Jessica Foster 
Robert Fox 
Alyssa Games 
De Mar Goodall 

Mines Green 
Jorden Green 
Tasha\ Hammond 
Felicia Hargrave 
Stacj Han 
Jamie 1 lawkins 



To be able to have someone to call 
your friend forever, you need somebody to 
trust! A friend is a person that is there for you 
no matter what! You are able to tell them 
anything and they will be there to support 
you! Friends don't talk about you behind your 
back or treat you with disrespect. 

A friend is someone who is loyal to 
you and you are loyal to them in return. If 
you've got someone who respects those 
values and more, then you've got a great 
friend forever! 

Jasmine Haywood 

Christina Heise 

Albin Helm 

Jon Hernandez 

Michael Hess 

Jessica High 



Shanahan Hollingsworth 

'lerrace Holmes 
Matthew Hough 
Denicia Hull 
Johnathan Jackson 
Kiara Jacobs 

Kody Jamison 
Brennan Jepperson 
Anthony Johnson 
Raymond Johnson 
Brandon Jones 
Tamm\ Jones 

Seth Julian 
Aaron Ramp 
Ashlee Kendnck 
China King 
Brandy Kleeman 
My-Lan Le 

Brent Lee 
Gilberto Leija 
Damon Lewis 
Christopher Locander 
Utokia Lolla 
Delfrev London 

Sarah Lozada 
Arthur McClellan 
Michael McDamel 
Levi McFadden 
Larriece McKeller 
William McNeeh 

Katelyn McQuade 

Amanda Minardo 
Myranda Minardo 
Megan Morgan 
Antwain Moslej 

Matthew Movers 

Andrenai Nance 
Shauna Neal 
Kara Nichols 
Jennifer Nugent 
Richard Parker 
Kendra Peeler 




Inf o 

Ove rfl ow 


. The Old English word for 
"Sneeze" is "Fneosan." 

"Strengths" is the longest word 
"JC in the English language with 
only one vowel. 

When a giraffe is born, it falls 
*C from a height of 6 feet, normally 
w ithout being hurt! 

i rv inqton * intern et 


^ internet cafe 

jl, web hosting 

** computer repair 

ju network/IT services 
parts installed 
g raphic design 

ju LAN parties 
general training 

802.11 wireless 

michael mcatee 



* irvington l internet 

internet cafe-hosting-repair-web 

j^ 2 s Johnson 

indianapolis in 46219 
irving theater building 

-$C There are more chickens than 
people in the World! 


•ft Your fingernail has the same 
i ngredients as fly poop! 

i( If coloring were not added to 
Coca Cola, it would be green! 

Walt Disney was afraid of mice! 



Federico Perez 
Timothy Perkins 

Ronald Pierson 
Tommie Pittman 

Adelina Poblano 

Delisa Portis 

John Proctor 

Erica Purvis 

Aaron Ragsdale 

Jessica Rendon 

Jabree Richardson 

Latifah Robinson 

Sidney Rogers 

Efren Romo 

Victor Rybolt 

Alex Sarellano 

James Sever 

Vashan Sherman 

Joshua Shields 

Raven Sloan 

Justin Smallwood 

Addison Smith 

Nicole Sneed 

Richard Snyder 

Tamara Stephens 

Hillary Stephenson 

Mellisa Stewart 

Aaron Stone 

Jessie Woodcock 
Arshiuna Woods 


Selina Stump 
Eric Taylor 
Johnalhan Taylor 
Shelby Terry 

Glenn Thacker 
Courtney Thompson 
Dianna Tompkins 
James Totten 

Sylvester Truitt 
Yamdett Velez 
Jordan Venis 
Tyler Wagner 

Vince Walden 
James Wallace 
Richard Warren 
Clintin Watson 

David Weddle 
Jeffery Welch 
Chelsea Wheeler 
Amanda White 

Kristryn White 
Alaysha Williams 
Shanice Williams 
Dinesha Wilson 

Qvo rflo w - 


Apples, not caffeine, are more 
*Hf efficient at waking you up in the 
m orning . 

^The average American 
spends 6 months of their life 
waiting at red lights 

, All U.S. Presidents wore glasses 
- some didn't want to be seen 
wearing the m in public 


U pgrades? 




* Wireless Networking? 

^ Help My Mac! 


^ Reaso nably Priced Service 

Nice Refurbished Systems' 

Help My Mac!. Inc. 

5630 E. Washington St. 

Indianapolis, IN 4621 9 



•k A Genuine Love for 


A group of rhinos is called a 
c raeh ! ~ 

"ic Starfish don't have brains 

■jlf A group of officers is called 
a mess' 

JL. "Bingo is the name of the dog 
on the Cracker Jack box 



Jasmine Allen 

Charlene Anders 

Jeffrey Armour 

Oliver Armour 

Erica Arnold 

Tony Arnngton 

Rashawn Averite 

Preston Bailey 

Elizabeth Barnett 

Caleb Barton 

Matthew Beal 

Scheme Blackwell 

Brandi Bornmann 

Lily Boyer 

Audris Bradford 

Cocoanisha Brannon 

Ricky Bratcher 

Keith Brewer 

Porishalynn Brewer 

Arial Brown 

Brandyn Brown 

Janel Brown 

Scarlett Bruce 

Josh Bryant 

Crystal Buford 

Robert Buford 

Rayonna Burch 

Darian Burks 

Lajoye Burnett 

Jane Burt 

Tyler Bush 

Armon Caldwell 

Tremain Calhoun 

Catherine Callahan 

Lyndsay Carnes 

Kevin Carpenter 

Perris Can 

Iisha Carter 

Jarron Carter 

William Carter 

Megan Carver 

Sandra Ceballos 

Michael Charron 

Mahogany Childs 

Christopher Clark 

Damon Clark 

Shaniece Cole 

Robert Coleman 

Clayton Cowans 

Jessie Cox 

Shawn Creech 

Tonya Crouch 

Joseph Crowe 

Ernest Daniels 

Keith Davis 

David Day 

Ashley Dean 



Angel Delafuente 

Jacob Denmark 

Zachary Dickinson 

Freedom Dile 

Cedric Dixon 

Kayla Doss 


8th grade 

Octavia Dukes 
Jordan Dunz 
Otis Duskin 
Robin Earls 
Emoni Easter 
Briana Egan 
Courtney Eines 
Dichelle Emerson 

Amber I ruin 
Joseph Eversole 
(andace llarida 
Brian Flemming 
Olivia foreman 
Tamika freeman 
Emilee Games 

Rebecca Garcia 
Dakota Gardi 
Jennifer Garrett 
Brandis Gibbs 
Jessica Gilbert 
Abner Gomez 
Kathleen Graves 
Kristen Green 

Deletrie Gross 
Alfredo Guadiana 
Crystal Hale 
Christopher Hand} 
Tyler Harkins 
Morice Harney 
Domonique Hams 
Manesha Harris 

Maurice Harris 
Richard Hatcher 
Shelb) Hatcher 
Ryan Head} 
Kenneth Hendnckson 
Shaniece Hill 
William Hodges 
James Holder 

Marques Holland 
Sierra Hopkins 
Angelica Hopson 
Ronald Horsley 
Jamar Hoskins 
Douglas Hubbard 
Matthew Hubbard 
Tremaine Hums 


MiAAte ^dLccL — 

*Hy plA^h^U duwe ^U4v A/K LXxAa^JLccL, I'LL *fvt44 ifaLL \C fRU<^vi 

"CfOoAbye to <vUL iiyAj, ^tevfut* wLc a^a^'t ^veU^yJsA^C to UCM.C, 
<st/f\A to the O^Ket Wlc <we, ILL tee ucu <*ve*t «^tt/" 
KAAhAMvUi rex, 
LJ C C LJ * C C C Of ' iee i i Cu ■VvoxX <j*e&A,, <^k/ ^op^uLL^- aLL 

neULc xix^k, ydM)CU ^ ^^loct yea^r e»^JUe q**^ "=• 

"My advice for future 
high schoolers is to just 
take your high school 
days one at a time!" 
- Arshiuna Woods 

Sth grade 


Lisa Leander p:(317)885-4424 

Ct at natty 

C H A R M E 


Home Based Business 

with a personal touch! 

* 1 8kt. Italian Gold Charms 
^Personalized Children's Books 

& Other Personalized Items 

* Home/Health/Beauty — 

Better/Safer/Healthier Products 
for a better way of life! 

Pashay Ice 

Ijeoma Ivey 

Antonio Jackson 

Darell Jackson 

Al'Lysha Johnson 

Clarence Johnson 

Delayne Johnson 

Amanda Jones 

Daquysha Jones 

Latasha Jones 

Ready for a 

Ravyn Jones 

Terrance Jones 

Steven Kaba 

Laquayla Kennedy 

Jeffrey Kent 

Tamesha Kimbrough 

Asia King 

Russell Kiskaden 

Johnathan Lamaster 

Joshua Latham 

Malcom Lavell 

Herbert Lawson 

Tenaya Lee 

Donna Lenz 

Ashley Leonard 

Christopher Lloyd 

Lauren Lockhart 

Donyee Luster 

Simmie Malone 

Kaitlyn Maple 

Jennifer Marlowe 

Carlos Martinez 

Deoblique Mavity 

Jasmine Maye 

Sabrina McCoy 


8th grade 

Thomas Rivers 

Nicole Robinson 

Tiana Robinson 

Cody Rogers 

Corey Rogers 

Dustin Rogers 

Sabrina Royer 

Jamie Sammons 

Diondre" Sanders 

Jessica Sands 

Bnana Scott 

Louis Scott 

John Shaw 

Michael Shaw 

Christopher Sheridan 

Marcus Shields 

Joshua Sims 

Brandon Smith 

Jamie Smith 

Shakiera Smith 

Shalyn Smith 

Carol Snyder 

Travis Spears 

Kimberly Spiege 

Frank Spurlock 

Jennifer Stacey 

Salem Stevenson 

Aquilah Stith 

Caleb Strong 

Ta'Shea Tapp 

Brittany Tapscott 

Delbert Tapscott 

Iesha Taylor 

Tabitha Taylor 

Urania Tellez 

Gabrielle Them 

Cierra Thomas 

Donovan Thomas 

Darron Tichenor 

Ashlie Traylor 

Ashley Tucker 

Marquita Tyler 

Jose Vare 

Cory Vaughn 

Kendrick Vaulx 

Shawn Walker 

Kyla Wallace 

Brandon Walton 

Jessica Watson 

Joey Watson 

Kevin Watts 

Daimien Weems 

Chad White 

Ravaughn White 

Gary Williams 

Kara Williams 

Khaleeq Williams 

Shamia Williams 

Terrance Williams 

Jamie Woods 

Shaming Woods 

Shatosha Woods 

Dejuan Worthen 

Bret Zell 


8th grade 




Tofea $otr& 
advice. $?otn tfo^a 

wfto fev& bravely 
§om fe^fofe goo! 

3. &&T 8 MWS'-JS O^ 

k S-tvp/ * Lot? 


r or most of us, high school is 

a fun experience, but for some it 
is a challenge! 

Most of our time is spent 
doing homework, ^ 
and socializing. 
For some it is 


stressing, for ^-^ 

others, it is just a |f 

fun time! ~ZT7 T . 

China King 

"High School 
was harder for 
me because of 
all of the added 
— Arshiuna 

8th grade 



*B®jfau liave ®tfe ©fj^liese 

a. I can touch my tongue to 
my nose! 

b. I can wiggle my ears! 

c. I can shake my eyeballs! 

d. I can roll my tongue! 

e. I can flip my eye lids! 

The winter of 1 932 was so 
cold that Niagra Falls froze 
completely solid! 

It is impossible to sneeze 
with your eyes open! 


7th Grade 

Marvin Allen 

Simrita Anderson 

Kayla Armstrong 

Jasmine Arnold 

Shawn Arrington 

Tabatha Ayala 

Vincent Ayala 

Tre'Anthony Barnes 

Nathaniel Barnett 

Samantha Baskerville 

j William Baumgardner 
Ahmad Beech 
Kenneth Beever 
Brock Benge 
Deandray Bigbee 

Samantha Boling 

Danielle Booker 

Alvin Boutte 

Brianna Bowman 

Trai Bradford 

Troy Bratcher 

Joshua Brown 

Gary Bryant 

Katie Burton 

Courtney Bush 

Justin Butterfield 

Meagan Cagg 

Jonathan Campbell 

Shaquita Carpenter 

Steven Carrethers 

Lanisha Carroll 

Chauncy Carson 

Jaishon Carter 

James Carter 

Andrew Catt 

fl :! 

Lonnie Caudill 
Stephanie Chapman 
Arthur Clark 
Steven Clark 
Alexandria Clegg 

Erika Cole 
Clifton Coleman 
Amber Cox 
Devon Cox 
Aaron Cunningham 

Andrew Cunningham 
Zach Cunningham 
Shaniqua Dale 
Shelby Dartis 
Andrea David 

Mindy Davis 
Tyler Dawson 
Zachary Deskins 
Tiffany Dinkins 
Richard Dixon 


Antoine Easier 
Analynn Eder 
Sierra Edwards 
Jodeci Emerson 

Brandon Figueroa 
Shane Fisher 
Shaun Fisher 
Quinton Freeman 
Jesse Gallagher 

Gabriela Garcia 
Shalen Garrett 
Herbert Gater 
fCallah George 
Jamivl Gilbert 

What do you 


a. YmCfl 13% 

h. SIeep 36% 

e. UidBo Barnes 24% 

d. Study 27% 

BASEI3 ox a hvkvet of 1 DO 

ou burn more calories sleeping 
than you do watching ton 

H snail can sleep 
lor 3 years 

"th Grade 


Mc*t li^eA P^umm cl 2005/ 

/. *JMM 

W¥? 2. "TS* 


ute&i* 4, ^Mk-f -jr-r ~Poi 

Sharika Glover 

Tierra Golightly 

Philip Gonsalez 

Caleb Gore 

Jeremiah Grooms 

Elizabeth Guadiana 

Deantre Hamilton 

Karnngton Hamilton 

Dewanna Hamilton 

Venita Harris 

James Hawkins 

James Hayes 

Michael Hednck 

Beatriz Hernandez 

Guadalupe Hernandez 

Desmond Hess 

Paul Higgins 

Jonathon Hill 

Jordan Hill 

Breanna Hinesley 

Dwayne Hopkins 

James Hopson 

Brishe Howard 

Kiara Howard 

Victoria Huffington 

Ashley Humphrey 

Alex Hunt 

Iesha Hunter 

Melissa Hunter 

Candace Hyde 

Devin Hyde 

Guy Jackson 

Matrice Jacobs- 
Jazmine Jansen 
Terrance Johnson 
Tiera Johnson 
D' Shawn Jones 
Parish Jones 
Travis Keith 
Cody Kemper 

Cody Keys 

Joshua Klinglesmith 

Jessica Kurtz 

Je'Von Lacy 

Christina Lawrence 

Savanah Lawson 

Megan Lee 

Dewight Lewis 


7th Grade 

Jermey Lewis 
Timothy Lewis 
Tyesha Lewis 
Zachary Lewis 
Asia Lipscomb 
Christian Littrell 
Christopher Lloyd 
Patrick Loux 

Breanna Maple- 
Rebecca Marks 
Brittarn Marsh 
Erica Marshall 
Devante Martin 
Wendy Martinez 
Cameron McBride 
Breanna McDuffie 

Rahchai McFerrin 
Monique McGhee 
Dewayne McGinty 
Jordan McKee 
Demetrius McKeller 
Chellsea McKenney 
Jerry Metcalf 
Curtis Meulen 

Kayla Mielke 
D'Asijah Miles 
Deanna Miller 
La'Bradford Minor 
Monique Minor-Hard;. 
Brittanv Mitchell 
Phillip Mitchell 
Craig Montgomery 

Larry Moorman 
Kenneth Morris 
Angelica N'ance 
Shannon Na\lor 
Tiffany Xaylor 
Carri Morris 
Elijah Norwood 
Michael Orr 

Tina Patrick 
James Perkins 
Andre Phelps 
Serena Phillips 
Arreonah Price 
Matthew Quiroz 
Dezmon Ray 
Jamesea Resnover 

Jonathan Rhoton 
Jamila Richardson 

Amber Riding 
Adnenne Rolle 
Sean Roose 
Ke\ in Rose 
Qwenteze Samuel 
Qwenton Samuel 

Denise Scarbrough 
Dominique Schumpert 
Dominique Scott 
Ethan Scott 
Lindsaj Sease 
Whitley Sease 
Katie Sentman 
Shertod Shabazz 

"th Grade 


Pop Qu iz 

a.) Capricorn 

g.) Virgo 

b.) Pisces 

h.) Aries 

c.) Taurus 

i.) Saggitarius 

d.) Gemini 

j.) Cancer 

e.) Scorpio 

k.) Aquarius 


1.) Libra 

Some use time after 
school in YMCA to study! 

Which is the best 
way to study" 

a. ) Quietness 

b. ) Some Noise 
c . ) Loud Noise 

Moniqua Shanklin 

s Christopher Shannon 

Jalisa Simmons 

Rhonda Simmons 

Joseph Sims 

Amber Stone 

Danaya Smith 

Kayla Smith 

Darryl Spears 
Chelsea Spicer 

Gina Spurlock 

Miles Stacey 

Ryan Stevens 

Mesheke Stone 

Shanna Stott 

Denny Strange 

Dominique Summers 

Carlea Sykes 

Debra Talkington 

Mikeila Taylor 

Montez Taylor 

Terri Taylor 

Donald Tener 

Michael Thomas 

Tuesday Thomas 

Keenan Thurman 

Austin Tingler 

Steven Traylor 

Ariel Vaughn 

7th Grade 

{ favwit/e 

Ana Vazquez 
Jacob Vinson 
Laura Walden 
Jasmine Warner 
Charles Warren 

Christopher Washington 
Dior Washington 
Adrienne Watson 
Deven Watson 
Jessica Watson 

Tiffany Watts 
Christopher Wells 
Taurean Wheaton 
Louis Wilkerson 
Brandon Williams 

Dominique Williams 
Preston Williams 
Tyler Williams 
Valencia Williams 
Trae Wilson 

Jake Winegar 
Kelli Winstead 
William Witherspoon 
Harper Wolf-Bennett 
Je'Lisa Woodard 

Jagtr jf— * 

a. McDonalds 

b. Chik-fil-a 

c. Burger King 

d. Subway 

e. Wendy s 

Michael Woolen 
Cassandra Wright 
Falan Wright 

a. 23% 
I b. 24% 

I c. 15% 

I d. 26% 

I e. 12% 

And The Winner is . . . . 


Eat Fiesh! 

Subway Supports 
Howe Academy 

(jo Horpetsi 

Visit our Location at 
3709 E. Washington St 

in Sherman Commons 

Page sponsored by...R^.:'i< ■ *ij 

"th Grade 


Shiann Hayes 
Jcremj Hesson 
Kevin Hesson 
Garrett Hicks 
Jasmine Hill 
Walter Jeffrej 
Monique Johnson 

Markeith Jones 
Markiara Jones 
Ihruman Jones 
Dontae Keller 
Shannon Kleeman 
Jasmine Laseter 
Jonathan Levi 

Zachariah Litel 
Christian Maer/ 
Anthon\ Mansfield 
Dion McKeller 
David Melvin 
Paul Minor 
Susana Montgomen. 

Ashley Musgrave 
Kassandra Oliphant 
Ryan Owen 
Kevin Patton 
Jharon Perkins 
Demarcus Pettis 
Treshaun Pettis 

Tylor Price 
Khadijah Purnell 
Najee Quarles 
Skip Reddy 
Ja'Quan Roherts 
Leonard Rover 
Natasha Rsbolt 

Jeremy Saltsman 
Nachelle Satterfield 
Dalton Sever 
Amanda Sims 
Phillip Smarr 
Aunyae Smith 
Brittany Smith 

April Sneed 
Anthony Stnder 
Brent Thamas 
Bryant Thomas 
Jasmine Turentine 
Dylan Wages 
Jalisa Ward 

Rolanda Wilhert 
Stephen Wilbert 
Donyai Wilburn 
Christopher W illiams 
Hillarj Williams 
Jimim Woods 
Maria Zepeda 

6th grade 

Anita Silverman 


Assistant Principal 

Assistant Principal: 
Stephanie Nixon 

Assistant Principal: 

Mike Burkhart Johnny Camden Janelle Carlini Darryl Christy Jane Davison Kent Dickey GaryDodd 



Scott Adams CharissaAjayi CarynAtwood Debra Barlowe Jamie Beringer DawnBick Floyd Brown 

KimDulaney Karolyn Edwards ErinEnright TinaFlispart 




Darlene Harris Jennifer Harriss Jamie Inskeep Steve Ives Deloris Jennings Linda Jessee Serita Liggett 

Steve Powell Luther Prater Melissa Saucier Major Sherard KaraSedam Margaret Silk Scott Simmonds 1 

Delores Bechert Sgt. Boone Marge Bugbee Miguel Carrasquillo Andy Cook Jody Cotter 

Officer Perkins ErmaRobbins Carol Robinson Kathleen Roche Charlitha Sanders LieseSchwenk Paula Semmes 



(Debbie Haines MelHobson Miranda Mansfield Pat Maudlin LuciMcMahon Jacqueline Morgan Erika Powell 


Sgt. Sheroan Janice Sirmin 

Channonique officer Stewart 

Kyle Stocks Melissa Yanlue Richard Yicker 



Cfr&af , Cfr&fcf is the Sound you heat 1 coming frotn the bleachers at the pep 

raflg. Sfocteflfe jt#«p up Gftd down with stfCftefteaf Gfld 3tfpporf -for ffeMj 
favor fte pfegerg. Cfe&r feoeter^ 3iftg and cfeer to mi^e ow Spirit^ 


cgS oot cfe3S 

years to $&a 

wfiicfi do^5 is the hypest. Frotn what Ttn 

s-ee>in$ and hearing it's the s^niorsl &ut 

ov©f gK tfte students all t og€f &ei» were 3t /'H 

Tfe tend com^ otrt Gftd ftet* cft 1 ^ 
GCro<s<g tfre Si-eld. They Gr& s/feflf for a 
mom-ent and all of a sudden, the students 
are up moving with the sound of the bandl 
Cheerleaders all assemble in line, and dance, 
with the beat of the band. The band 
continues to play throughout the pep rallyl 

The football coach yets on the 
microphone and Starts to announce the 
players, the students in the stand sac-earn 
and cheer as they hear the name of their 
■favorite player. After the names on the 
team are announced, the players stand in a 
bi$ huddle and Start to ystnp up and down 
with spirit and -excitement. The team seems 
ready and pumped for the ^ame. The 
crowd is fast as hyped, 'cause they know 
they represent the best team\ 1 I — 


Student Life 

ixciting wceH of the school year. Every student is hyped and filled with school spirit. 
"During spirit weeH everyone gets Very excited", says Dersary Wilson. 
Monday was Kat Day; student wore bright, short, tall, brand name and a Variety of other types of 
ats. Tuesday, students wore their pajamas to school! people that wanted to add detail brought 
ewspapers, hair rollers and coffee mugs! Wednesday, students supported their favorite team by wearing a 
ersey. Thursday, friends coordinated by dressing as twins. 

Friday everybody dressed in brown $ gold to show our school spirit! people painted their clothes in 
owe colors. They also painted their faces and finished out Spirit Vleeli with a bang. Jn the morning, the 
arching Band paraded through the halls as the cheerleaders and football players followed to help hype 
he school. "The band really played well and made me proud to go to this school!", said Denise Tyles. 


Student Life 



What convinced 

you to join the 


"I needed 
to lose 

This football season was like none other. They won 

MORE games, played as a team, and had fun doing what 
they did best-hit Players such as Chris Griff en and Kendal 
Downing gave their all and were voted most improved by their 
teammates. "Griffen brought it, he was a sophomore starting 
on varsity with way more confidence than last year!" says 
Nigel Foreman. Everyone agreed that there was room for 
improvement, but they were happy for what they accomplished! 

V\ike Doss 
ndy Colts, 

and I" 


"I Love the 

sport of 

football! #22 

People know 

me as Duce 


rerrance Williams 




Bumping up 
-the Heat 

"Bump it up" with our volleyball 

team who had determination. 

They conquered the nets with 

a 6-2 season! 

Meagan Morgan said, "They 
had A good strong team". 

Heather Morgan, a senior 
player said, "We tried our very 
best even if the team thought 
we wouldn't win". 

Our girls had some big 
challenges as they worked 
through the transition of 
getting a new coach mid 
season. One of the girls 
Danielle Corpuz said," We did 
great but lacked a huge part of 
our team... a Varsity Coach"!!! 
Even through the bumps and 
bruises, the team worked great 
and had a wonderful season 
while bumping up the heat 
and playing VOLLEY BALL!!!!! 



"Why do we keep hearing about the basketball and 
football teams, but not a peep or a blink went out to our 
PERFECT RECORD!!!! The whole school was 
sleepin' on us -what's up with that?" -Jennifer Marlowe 



Kicking out the 


i- 4 ** 

The Hornet, soccer team showed 
good spirit and determination! 
All players on the team 
cooperated and played to win. 

Even though the team didn't 
have enough players to finish out 
the season, they still played well 
and showed great 

Players had different reasons 
for not sticking with the team. 
Lilly Salas said, "It was cliff iclut to 
balance the sports schedule with 
all of my academic 
involvements." Others, like 
Hillary Stephenson and Ashley 
llrookholder said they stopped 
playing for personal reasons. 

The team learned a lot from this 
challenging season, and believe 
that the regret of not finishing 
the season will drive them to 
work hard and become a better 

Now Basketball is 
my Favorite Sport, 

I like the way it dribble up 
and down the court. 
Basketball is a very entertaining 
sport AVe have five boys 
basketball teams: 6th grade, 7th 
& 8th grade, freshman, JV, 
and varsity. All of our teams 
have worked very hard this year. 
Our 6th grade team went 
undefeated, 7th & 8th grade 
won the city championship, and 
our freshman team worked very 
hard to improve academically! 

Terry Hill 

"Nothing is given to 

you. You have to go 

out and get it!" 

"There is no T in 

TEAM, but there is 

only one ME!" 

Roys iviiddle e^chool Rasketball Team; We I^ove This HporCH 

This team played very hard throughout the whole season and their efforts truly 
paid off! Look at the excitement on their faces— Do you know why? These 
boys won the City Championship, and they know they got game!!! Watch out 
High SchooL. Here we come!!! 




w m,&T&> 

There are some girls who 
really ei\ joyed playing 

They worked as a team and 
played like a team/ Although 
the team was small they had 
Big talent/ Lady Hornets 
practiced hard and showed 
great leadership skills with 
their attitudes and 
determination. Their long 
practices definitely paid off/ 
The team had a challenging 
season but they worked hard 
and had a great season/ Lady 
Hornets didnt give up and 
they were proud of it. 

-Hillary Stevenson 

Girls Middle School Basketball: Our middle school girl's 
basketball team had a good season. The girls practiced hard to get ready for 
their games and played like a team! They had great sportsmanship and helped 
each other develop their skills further in preparation for High School ball! 



Who said cheerleading 
Isn't a sport? 

Well whoever said it really 
didn't know what they were 
talking about. "When you have to 
yell, jump, smile, and sweat all at 
the same time, that is definitely a 
sport," said Alaysha Williams. 

Many of our cheerleaders 
couldn't wait to get to High School 
so they could cheer for the 
"Hornets". The squad definitely 
stepped up and did a great job!!! 
Not only have the cheerleaders 
worked hard to pep up our 
students, and encourge our teams, 
but they also did a great job of 
raising money for the victims of 
Hurricane "Katrina." 

Life is a same, 
Cheerleading is 





mere are two kinds of people fci the 
cheerieaders and people who 

The Tennis Team 
had an incredible 
season, as this was 
the first year we have 
had wins. In fact they 
placed 2nd in the City 
Tournament, and were 
named 2nd best team 
in Indianapolis! There 
were only 4 players but 
they all played very 
well. Matt Demmary 
had a lot of real good 
wins at #1 , and Patrick 
Judge came in #2 with 
the best record and the 
most improvement 

"Starting in 6th grade at Howe, it was my 
dream to get a LaCrosse Team started. I 
started off talking to gym teachers and friends 
of mine. Different people gave me alot of 
support and ideas on how to get this kicked 
off. For 2 years I looked for a sponsor. In 8th 
grade I met Miss Flisparat who decided to be 
our sponsor. We spoke to companies to get 
equipment for the team. Then we sent out 
flyers and made announcements. This year we 
started a LaCrosse Club. We had several 
interested people who attended meetings on 
a regular basis, where we discussed how to 
play LaCrosse and praticed the game. 

It is my hope that as people-learn about 
LaCrosse and our club, we will soon have a 
LaCrosse team and compete against other 
schools." -Aaron Kamp 



-Jennifer Marlowe 

"Softball is a way for me 

to stay active and have 

fun at the same time! It's 

my Life!" 

Joshua Kyner 

The 2006 
152 weight class 
City and IPSAC 

Lamont Mayfeild 

The 2006 
112 weight class 
=■ IPSAC "= 


Luroy Brewer 

Placed fourth at 
City, and third at 

This young team accomplished many goals throughout the season 
With a lot of work to do, the Hornet wrestling team went to work early 
and were put through challenging, painful, and emotional practices. By 
the time the first match rolled around the team was in good shape and 
everyone was ready! 

Since the school's wrestling program was so young, many people 
around the league expected our wrestlers to be inexperienced and easy to 
beat. However, due to good coaching (by coach Young and coach Brown), 
and great leaders like Lamont Mayfeild and Joshua Kyner, the newbie's 
were able to learn from example ! 

The team competed well in most of the tournaments ! Joshua 
Kyner won the city tounament at weight class 152. Also Lamont 
Mayfield and Joshua Kyner won the IPSAC Conference tournament. 
Luroy Brewer and Calleton Gonsalez both placed third and Seth Julian 
Placed Sixth. 

Even though the team was young, they still had heart. Watch out, 
our team is coming up, and soon we will be one of the best in the city. 



422 V 


Sometimes, after school, we saw 
Hornets flying through the hallways 
Especially when it was too cold for 
them to Fly around at Christian Park. 
We hAd to get out of the way when 
they came through — no one wanted 
to get stung! the track and cross 
Country teams Trained hard to 
compete against other schools, and 
they each had a great season! in fact, 
Jennifer Marlowe and Candace Hyde led 
the way for the newly founded middle 
School Cross Country Team! 

Kendall Downing 

Finished 3rd in Long 
Jump (2005) 

Shauna Mason 

Competed at 
Sectionals (2006) 





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stay after to get it done! And give tfiem a 
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Thomas Carr Howe Academy I Thomas Carr Howe Academy 



1 1 

Students our age dont usually think about how we can help our school once we 
graduate! Our focus is on getting to graduation, then moving on! Little do we 
realize how many people are helping us along the way! 

The Alumni Association is a group of loyal Howe Graduates who 
work each year to help current Howe students! Not only do they donate money 
toward College Scholarships, but they also volunteer their time at many Howe 
events. Charlotte McLane and her husband Art are a couple of our most 
dedicated volunteers! You can find the two of them working hard at almost all of 
our varsity games! 

The Alumni Association did something special for our graduating class- 
They generously contributed enough money to brighten up our Senior yearbook 
pages with COLOR!!! We truly appreciate all that they do for our school! 








^jsBijs l 





Howe Unique, Howe Hype, Howe FresL~ yeah, we 
know- Howe CheesyE ^Vt least we've got character! 

The objective was to show howe different we are from other 

schools! So, did it work? Did you see the variety of students from 

our ages to our sizes? Did you see our Band and howe hype they 

made our crowd? Did you see our Spirit and School F»ride during 

Homecoming and as we won the ITS School Spirit award? 

what about our Sports teams, you know they showed out and did a 

good job representing our School! Take a look at our dubs, we 

even had students flying to other countries to further their education! 

Were you there for the Productions our students acted out? 

m We are different from other schools- 
we've got Charm, Talent, Dedication, 
Determination, Hands on Education, 

Spirit, FHzazz, a little bit of Spunk, and 

You Know 
.We get it 


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